Passion for coffee since 1906

AB Anders Löfberg is one of the largest family-owned coffee roasters in the Nordic countries. The production is equivalent to more than 10 million cups of good coffee – per day! Our head office is situated in Karlstad, Sweden, and we have our own roasting houses in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Latvia. We sell our coffee on about ten markets in Northern Europe.

The company was founded in 1906 by the brothers Anders, John and Josef Löfberg. In 1911, we began to roast our own coffee. Our passion for good coffee has been with us since the start, as well as our commitment to sustainability and justice. We are for example already one of the world’s largest importers of organic and Fairtrade labelled coffee. The company is fully owned by the Löfberg family. As a family business, it has always been natural to have a long-term, value-driven and sustainable perspective in our business. Long tradition combined with the will to constantly develop and be in the forefront, that is our strength on a coffee market with tough competition. Products and markets Up to the 1990’s, we were more or less only operating in Sweden. Since then, we have started and purchased companies in Norway, Denmark, Latvia and the UK. Today, our coffee is being sold under the brands Löfbergs and Peter Larsen Kaffe. Half of our sales is to Retail and a quarter is to cafés and restaurants (Out of Home). The rest is to external customers that sell or serve coffee under their own brands. In Sweden, we also sell tea under the brand Kobbs.


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