Cold Brew

Cold Brew is a cold brewed coffee perfect for the conscious coffee drinker who appreciates the craft and the genuine flavours.

The coffee is brewed with cold water for 16 hours, which gives it a sweeter and rounder coffee flavour, almost completely without bitterness. The product contains no additives. Drink it well-chilled right away or serve with ice. It is also perfect for mixing with milk for ice coffee or as an ingredient in coffee drinks, pastries and cooking.

Cold Brew Antioquia Reserve

Löfbergs Cold Brew Antioquia Reserve is a full-bodied coffee with a mild and soft acidity, a light honey sweetness in the aftertaste.

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Cold Brew Licorice

Löfbergs Cold Brew Licorice is a full-bodied coffee with a mild and subdued acidity, the sweetness of the coffee balancing the taste of licorice.

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Cold Brew Ginger

The sweetness of the coffee brings out the flavour of ginger. With a powerful aftertaste.

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