Next Generation Coffee Lovers

Discover a new generation of coffee!

From interesting coffee countries like Brazil and Rwanda, we present new unique flavours for real coffee lovers.


Discover the Rainforest Alliance certified Single Origin Brazil, with notes of toffee and hazelnuts. A taste sensation thanks to the little exclusive Arabica coffee bean, the Pearl of Coffee, that constitutes 100% of the content and gives a perfectly even roast. From volcanic grounds in Rwanda, we offer juicy notes of sun ripe cherries. Irresistibly good! The favourites Organic Medium roast and Organic Dark roast are also included in the series, both organic and Rainforest Alliance certified.


With mellow flavors of cocoa

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With notes of toffee and hazelnut.

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Organic dark roast

With notes of forest berries and dark chocolate

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With notes of sun-ripe cherries.

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Organic medium roast

With notes of sweet berries and full milk chocolate

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With notes of dark chocolate

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