It is Tuesday morning and the mist is slowly lifting in the small mountain village of Heliconia in Antioquia in northwest Colombia. We are on our way home to Emilio Gonzalés, one of the participants of Next Generation Coffee, Löfbergs' initiative for the next generation of coffee farmers.

Emilio is one of 550,000 coffee farmers in Colombia. The coffee is an important part of the country’s culture and economy. Colombian coffee has a good reputation, and the export creates significant income for the country and its inhabitants.

But just as in many other places, the average age among farmers is high, closer to 60 years. Fewer young people see a future in coffee, which in the long term is a threat to the supply of good coffee. That is why we started Next Generation Coffee, where we through training and direct trade improve the possibilities for Emilio and other coffee farmers of the next generation.

Facts about Emilio Gonzales

  • Successful young coffee farmer in Antioquia in the north-west part of Colombia
  • Planned to move into town, but did chose to take over his father’s coffee farm
  • Work hard to improve the quality of their coffee, including growing his own coffee plants
  • Want to buy more land to grow even more coffee
  • One of the participants in Next Generation Coffee – Löfbergs’s initiative that strengthens the development possibilities of young coffee farmers
  • Deliver beans to Löfbergs’s new dark-roasted coffee

Facts about Next Generation Coffee

  • An initiative that strengthens the development possibilities of young coffee farmers
  • The participants are supported through education and direct trade
  • Focus on increasing productivity and quality to make the farmers earn more money
  • The initiative aims at young farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and Colombia
  • Löfbergs Next Generation Coffee is available as filter coffee and whole beans