Artikeln har lagts till i varukorgen
  • Sustainable coffee

    Taking responsibility for people and the environment has always been important to us; the work extends over the entire value chain. We take responsibility from bean to cup, from the farm to end consumer.

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Wether or not you like your coffee black or white. You will love it purple.

Löfbergs was founded in 1906 and is now one of the biggest coffee roasters in the Nordic region. We remain a family-owned company, now in its fourth generation. Our head office is situated in Karlstad, in the heart of Sweden, where we also have one  of our roasting houses.

Passion for coffee since 1906


Fourth generation of the Löfberg family

We have worked with great tasting coffee since 1906, when my great-grandfather Anders and his brothers John and Joseph founded Löfbergs. In the beginning our coffee was sold in our neighbourhood stores. Today, you can enjoy it both at home and in cafés and restaurants throughout Sweden as well as many other countries. I think it this is something my great-grandfather would have been really proud about.
We are still a family company and we always will be. I am sure that we will always be an important part of the Swedish coffee culture. We are working very hard to monitor what is happening right now and what is going on in the future, we do this with pleasure. Great tasting coffee is the best thing we know.
The passion for great tasting coffee has been with us for more than a hundred years. Taking responsibility for people and the environment has been important for us just as long. Today we work with responsibility in many different ways in coffee producing countries and in our local markets. We are, for example, one of the largest buyers of organic and Fairtrade coffee and are actively working to encourage more people to choose coffee from certified farms.

Doing this you can be sure that our coffee tastes great and does good.

Kathrine Löfberg

Chairman and fourth generation Löfberg